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Photo Library - Environmental Education Station
These photos are royalty free and may be used without charge for any educational purpose. Includes photos of pollution, dumping, litter, waste receptacles, recycling, and much more.

Environmental Image Gallery
Provides numerous environmental photos including wildlife, nature, pollution, and oil spills. The photos may be may be used by students and teachers for education purposes. Photo credits should be provided when possible.

Pics4Learning Photo Library
Provides thousands of photos to enhance school reports and projects. The images may be used royalty-free by students and teachers.

Reduce, reuse, recycle iconClip Art

Waste Prevention and Recycling Clip Art

You can find a variety of clip art at this Web site for inclusion in school reports or other projects. Clip art relating to everything from recycling to waste reduction measures is available. Students can easily download this clip art in several different formats.


Pollution Prevention Clip Art - Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Students can use these images to promote pollution prevention and waste reduction. Most images are available in .tif, .gif, or .jpg formats.

Environmental Clip Art

Provides numerous images on topics such as pollution, recycling, garbage, and waste removal.

Environment and Nature Clip Art
Provides hundreds of images in all shapes and forms including reduce, reuse, and recycling images.


Researchers logo

One of the most important ways for students to learn about the environment is through hands-on activities both in and out of the classroom. Science projects, data analysis, library research, and report writing help build students' understanding of how to protect and enhance the world around them. Most importantly, student projects and research lay the groundwork for analyzing environmental problems, resolving conflicts, and preventing new problems from arising.

These resources provide access to various information sources, tools, and data, that will help high school and college students conduct research and projects that focus on the environment.

Information Sources
Provides links to various information sources to help students conduct research, collect data, and analyze information.

Online Tools
Enable students to access environmental information contained in various EPA databases including pollutants in the environment, environmental activities, and maps.

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Global Rivers Environmental Education Network


Save the Manatee Club
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The Green Frog News

EcoKids (Canada)

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