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Madison County


Madison County established a recycling education program for the schools in the fall of 1990.
The program was managed by the Recycling Education Coordinator.  In the summer of 2009, the program direction was expanded to include sustainability directives in energy conservation and efficiency practices.  The person in charge of the program is the GREEN Schools Coordinator.

Definition of a Green School:  A green school practices environmentally sustainable concepts such as reducing, reusing & recycling; using eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning materials (IL Green Cleaning Schools Act); a green schoolyard habitat; composting; and energy conservation and efficiency practices - including water cnservation, air quality monitoring and renewable energy.

Duties of the GREEN School Coordinator include:

Assist public & private schools in developing recycling, waste reduction and greening programs
Provide In-Service training for teachers about green practices and sustainable concepts
Serve as point of contact - responding to requests for information on various environmental issues
Administer County grants for recycling programs, equipment and greening measures such as equipment retrofitting

Funding for Special Programs

Venue recycling grants for high schools and middle schools
Replacement grants for can crushers, dry erase marker boards, recycling containers, cost of hauling recyclables
1/2 cost environmental assemblies for schools
Business-School recycling partnership called "Adopt a Business"
Cell Phone recycling & Ink Cartridge recycling; Cell Phones for Soldiers
Water for Kenya & Haiti - collect shoes for "shoeman"
Eyeglasses & Keys partnership with Lions of IL Foundation
Tab Top Tally - direct cash payment for aluminum can tabs
Newborns in Need project - T-shirts made into premature baby clothes



Developed comprehensive recycling programs in Madison County schools
Developed education programs in Madison County schools based on the principle of the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Added Fourth R (rethink) in 2000
Taught in over 25,000 school classrooms across the Country
Developed Earth Flag Celebration Assembly - awards recycling schools
Received grants from the IL DCCA totaling $70,000 for school recycling programs
Assisted schools in attaining County grants totalling over $250,000
Assisted schools in attaining recycled tire running track grants for over $400,000
Assisted schools receiving DCCA recycled tire track grants with $15,000 each totaling $90,000
First County in the state to offer school vending machines housing 100% recycled content notebook paper, recycled content Ecowriter pencils and recycled tire/plastic pens stressing "completing the loop" by buying recycled
Assisted schools in textbook recycling program recycling over 47 tons of books
Provided schools with 35,000 student held chalkboards and wipe-off slates to schools for waste reduction drill and practice
Provided funds to purchase reusable plates and silverware for parochial and private schools using Styrofoam
Provided 10% matching grants for recycled tire chip mulch for playgrounds - $97,000+  
Held teacher workshop and in-services on vermi-composting
Provided in-service training for the IL DCEO
Provided 20% matching grants for recycled plastic park benches and picnic tables - 265 benches for $75,000
Developed New Great Paper Contest - $6,000 prize money based on pounds of paper collected per capita. (Public & Parochial schools each have their own contests)
Provided $16,000 grants for poured in place recycled tires for playgrounds
Held two Recycling Coordinator Workshops
Developed TRASHformations - a recycled sculpture contest, added Mingled Mask and TRASHinventions in 2009
Purchased 364 recycled content benches and 55 recycled content picnic tables - $93,088.23 – by recycling 1,765,000 milk jugs at curbside and bringing the lids to school
Received Illinois Recycling Association's award for "Outstanding Achievements in Recycling Education for 1992"
Received Illinois Environmental Education Association "Environmental Educator of the Year Award for 1994"
Received National Association of Counties Achievement Award for 1996 School Recycling Program
Received "Lion Fellow" Award in 2007 for partnership with schools and local Lions Clubs to collect Eyeglasses and Keys for past years
 CONTACT:  Ann Linenfelser, GREEN Schools Coordinator, (618)296-4319, FAX (618)692-8982 or
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