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Madison County

  • A Countywide curbside recycling program in all single and two family residential dwellings. In 1996, we implemented this program that serves over 92,000 households and recycles up to 35% of all the trash generated in Madison County each year.

  • A Recycle Station Drop-off Recycling Program. In 1998, we implemented this program with Stations in six locations throughout Madison County.
  • A Landscape Waste Management and Recycling Equipment Grant Program. These grants are made available to Municipalities and Townships to purchase landscape waste management equipment including brush chippers, leaf vacuums, and recycling equipment such as collection trailers recycling processing equipment. From 1991 to the present, these grants total in excess of one million dollars.

  • A Park Recycling Grant Program. This program was implemented to provide funds to municipalities, park districts and not for profit groups that maintain parks, for the purchase of recycled content park benches, picnic tables, recycled rubber tire mulch and recycling containers.

  • An Award winning School Recycling and Education Program. Schools in Madison County recycle paper, aluminum cans, milk jugs, can tabs, printer cartridges, and other commodities in order to participate in the Earth Flag and County Continuation Awards programs.

  • A Solid Waste Enforcement Program. As a delegated County by the Illinois Environmental Agency (IEPA), the County can enforce the IEPA Act by targeting residents and business that engage in illegal dumping, burning, or other violations of the Act.

  • A Vehicle Confiscation and Reward Program. Through the activities of the Solid Waste Enforcement Program, the County can confiscate a vehicle that is used in an illegal dumping incident. The reward program serves to encourage residents to report any illegal dumping witnessed anywhere in the County.



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